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Whether your shipping 5 orders a day or 5,000 orders a day, BlippShip’s powerful engine supports both small and medium sized businesses! 

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  • No Long-Term Contracts
  • Key BlippEvents accelerate customer communication and cost savings 

Once your business experiences the power of BlippTechnology, you’ll never use anything else ever again! 

Get the lowest shipping rates for all USPS® services

Get the lowest shipping rates for all FedEx® services

Get the lowest shipping rates for all UPS® services

Save up to 89% off Standard USPS rates with the deepest commercial discounts and no markup, monthly fees, or costly surcharges.

Experience the Power of BLIPPSHIP

  • Create Shipping Labels USPS, FedEx, UPS 
  • BlippShip provides the lowest market rates, including heavily discounted Commercial Plus Rates for USPS 
  • Print Labels in batches up to 1,000 at a time at no extra charge 
  • Establish Unique Business Rules for Automation Controlled by You  
  • *Blipp Events help you recognize issues, delays, and opportunities for you to save money within your Control Center 
  • Integrate your marketplaces in seconds, giving you the benefit of accessing all of your orders nearly “real-time”, across multiple marketplaces, all at once!
  • Access key reporting tools that help you to recognize opportunities to save money, as well as monitor your shipping charges 

Simplify eCommerce Order Processing

BlippShip provides a seamless easy to use multi-channel, multi-carrier, shipping platform that offers the lowest rates in the industry. We help our shippers manage orders, shipping, reporting, and consistent communication to their consumers, all in one state-of-the-art online platform.

Automate Shipping Rules To Minimize Costs and Accelerate Efficiency

Automate standard shipping rules, decisions, and calculations to maximize throughput and avoid costly shipping errors.

BlippShip Provides A True End-To-End Solution

Unlike these other look-a-likes, BlippShip provides both outbound and returns features, giving you and your customers the End to End delivery experience modern day eCommerce requires to be successful

Our Mission

To create and offer the most transparent, informative, and powerful shipping tool in the industry! 

BlippShip Levels the Playing Field for Small Shippers

We understand that many people manage small side-hustles, ventures, or small businesses in addition to their daily professions.  We also understand that smaller shippers often times struggle to compete with the shipping rates that large businesses have access to.  By leveraging our deep relationships and partnerships with major carriers, we’re able to offer a free shipping platform while providing access to the most competitive shipping rates in the market!  No minimums, no sign up fees, nothing.  Simply sign up, and start printing your shipping labels today! 

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Patent Pending Technology

BlippShip Specialized Rate Shopping* - BlippShip Technology offers rating in multiple ways. Whether you're looking to ship as cheap as possible, or you're more interested in your package delivering my a certain date, BlippShip gives you limitless control over your business!
BlippEvents* - BlippEvents are key to saving you money. Our huge competitive differentiator is full of capabilities. Looking to save more money while shipping with USPS, UPS, or FedEx? Look no further, BlippEvents carry the relief your bank account relies upon.

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